Saffron Shines Forth

When an organisation joins the Good Business Charter we suggest they promote the fact and we have been delighted to see so much activity over social media in recent weeks as new, enthusiastic members join the GBC and shout about it.  We want members of the public to become aware of this accreditation and start looking out for it.  Our members will act as a signpost for those potential employees and consumers, showcasing their commitments to our ten components.

Saffron Building Society wins the prize, however, for most extensive press coverage, showing firstly that there is an interest in different sectors of the written media to write about the GBC, and secondly, that it doesn’t have to be exclusive.  Saffron Building Society actually achieved its GBC accreditation in December 2020 but it was in February that they dedicated resources to get the news out publicly.  So successful were they that their press release can be found in four separate places as follows:

Chief Executive, Colin Field, said:

Our society values are community, service, responsibility and problem solving, all of which are cared deeply for by the GBC.  The GBC demonstrates how passionately we care about our people and our communities under our ‘amazing employer brand’. The GBC upholds the values closest to us – supporting the real living wage, employee wellbeing, prompt payment, commitment to customers, the environment and more.  We will continue to positively support the GBC and make a sustainable difference to our colleagues, partners and communities.

Thank you Colin and all at Saffron – you are indeed positively supporting the GBC and making an impact!