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Employee Representation

General information and resources

Employee Relations | Factsheets | CIPD 
Explore the CIPD’s research on individual and collective relationships between employees in the workplace.

Employee voice | CIPD Viewpoint 
Explore the CIPD’s point of view on employee voice, including actions for Government and recommendations for employers.  

Research and insights


  • Hub: The future of employee voice | CIPD 
    This topic hub page contains resources on current thinking about the power and impact of voice, and how it’s used by individuals, institutions, and wider society to stimulate new thinking about employee voice. 
  • Factsheet: Employee voice | CIPD 
    Employee voice is the way people communicate their views to their employer. Learn about its purpose and benefits, and about ‘whistleblowing’.
  • Factsheet: Employee communication | CIPD 
    Employee communication is essential to employee trust, engagement and performance. Learn how to develop an effective internal communication strategy. 

What consultation is: Consulting employees and their representatives | Acas 
Explore advice from ACAS on consulting employees and their representatives about organisational issues and changes that affect them.

GBC Partner offers employee satisfaction assessment | New Possible
Explore New Possible’s platform, which measures employee’s responses across seven themes that are important to the people experience, including satisfaction, wellbeing, culture, purpose, engagement, work-life balance and relationships at work, providing robust and meaningful employee insight. New Possible offer a free initial survey report for GBC accredited organisations.

A number of GBC members have told us they use the consultancy, Great Place To Work’s external employee satisfaction surveys to improve workplace wellbeing and staff retention. They offer a ‘Great Place to work’ certification and a best Workplaces programme, for company ranking.