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Promoting the GBC Brand

Promoting the GBC Brand

The Good Business Charter has the potential to be an extremely helpful benchmark for consumers, current and potential employees, suppliers and ethical investors demonstrating that a company takes its responsible business practices seriously.

The time is right to promote these practices and there is an appetite among the general public to see which businesses are acting responsibly towards all stakeholders.

To get the GBC name and brand out into the wider world is therefore critical. Our vision is of thousands and thousands of GBC companies and a society in which people look at 2 coffee shops and choose the one with a GBC logo, or want to work in law and seek out those firms with GBC accreditation. Consumers have shown that they care and a supermarket that displays a commitment to the 10 components via the GBC logo will be more attractive to people than one that does not. This is a fact and the responsible business space is full of ideas being developed to assist the general public spend their money ethically (and earn it in ethical companies) with none so far either comprehensively covering all aspects of responsible business or with the potential to gain national traction.

There are lots of different ways to promote the Good Business Charter once you have accreditation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Put our logo on your website AND an explanation of what that means you have committed to.
  2. Look at ways you can get the GBC logo out into the world your company inhabits: on your website, invoices, receipts, promotional literature, on your shop front, in your office, or prominently displayed in your warehouse.
  3. Encourage all the companies you are connected with to sign up to the Good Business Charter – your customers, suppliers, bankers, accountants, lawyers, partners, companies represented by your Board members and friends.
  4. Talk to your local press and council to explore the opportunity of making your town, city or county a GBC region where the components of the Good Business Charter are championed and a priority. Then go on to see people choose to seek employment in your town over a neighbouring non-GBC town!
  5. Liaise with any trade associations or other groups that you are a member of and look at opportunities to speak about the Good Business Charter there and encourage your sector to prioritise it.

The sky really is the limit. We know that the more our accredited companies can get the word out, the more significance that accreditation will hold. Meanwhile, we will be doing all we can to increase our profile with the media, the government, others operating in the responsible business space, and through a number of key partners to see our vision become a reality.

Please talk to us about how we can help you get our name out to your contacts.

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