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Our relationship with accredited organisations

This is not a cheap and easy way to green-wash or purpose-wash your organisation. Your involvement is subsidised to recognise and reward good business behaviour, but in turn we only want responsible organisations who are worthy of our support. In the interests of our brand integrity and to be fair to all our existing accredited organisations we insist that new GBC accredited organisations commit to supporting their involvement in meaningful ways. If they don’t then we reserve the right to review their right to use our licence.

What does it mean to be a Good Business Charter accredited organisation?  What are the expectations from our accredited organisations and what will the Good Business Foundation do for them?  Here we set out the answers to these questions, and show you what three of our accredited organisations said when we asked them why they applied for GBC accreditation.

The Benefits of Accreditation

We have a thriving community of organisations who we collaborate with on local press, blog posts, webinars and more. To see our full list of benefits, see our What’s in it for me? page and our Promoting the GBC brand page.

What we offer our accredited organisations

The Good Business Foundation, the charity which runs the GBC accreditation, is committed to:

  1. uphold the GBC accreditation by careful assessment of new applications and swift resolution of issues and whistle-blowing reports
  2. remove any accredited organisation that is not complying with specific detail or the spirit of the 10 components of the GBC
  3. make available to accredited organisations a library of resources including artwork, podcasts and articles for their use
  4. work with like minded organisations including trade associations, the press, marketing and PR to promote the GBC to all relevant stakeholders with particular focus on awareness among the general public
  5. assist accredited organisations who have questions about any aspect of the GBC components, signposting them to relevant support as required
  6. send monthly, informative mailshots with relevant updates

What we can’t do

We cannot make personal introductions to individual GBC accredited organisations nor do we advertise an individual organisations’ services to others or externally.

We want to share best practice and are always interested to hear your experience of being a responsible organisation and in particular the benefits of receiving GBC accreditation which we share through our blog and on social media.  Do get in touch with Sam through to share your experience.  We love to use case studies to inform and inspire our community!

GBC Accredited Organisations

We expect GBC accredited organisations to:

  1. honour the commitments they made in signing up to the GBC
  2. promote the GBC internally and externally, for example by issuing a press release, putting our logo on their website, email signature and social media, shop windows, vans and letterheads.
  3. pay their modest annual fee promptly (see our costs page for more information)
  4. cooperate fully with us on any queries on whistle-blowing reports.

We also hope accredited organisations will assist us in spreading the word to other organisations so that they too can benefit from the advantages in accrediting.  The more organisations that accredit with the GBC, the greater impact we can have as we increase awareness of our brand and bring more customers to your door.

Good Business Charter

If you are already accredited, you can find information and documentation on your accreditation dashboard.

Our 10 components

Find out more about the ideals that make up the cornerstone of the Good Business Charter.
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Our relationship with accredited organisations


Calling all employees, customers and suppliers.

If you have reason to believe that a GBC accredited organisation is not meeting its obligations, please let us know.