Modelling Group

Luke Best, Group Director:

“As an SME who have always aspired to strong business ethics, we are really excited to be accredited as a member of the Good Business Charter, making clear our intention to be recognised for being a good business!

As a consultancy offering highly specialist services, we have always believed in recognising and rewarding experts for the work that they do and the value that they bring. This has to be delivered in combination with ensuring fair pricing and a dedication to taking the time to carefully build relationships, with both clients, key suppliers and industry partners.

We at Modelling Group ultimately want to be seen as a trusted, innovative, and fair company, working hard to improve the industry and all of our products. Many thanks to the Federation of Small Businesses for highlighting this accreditation and for all of their support for UK small businesses – it is our absolute pleasure to support the Good Business Charter and everything that they represent for UK business.”