Helping High Ltd

Helping high engages with remote teams to structure their Community Support; nurturing social capital as a strategy for improving employee well-being. We apply a tailored, insight-led approach to businesses to help them maintain and report their Social Responsibility as their geographic corporate community grows. With employees now based all across the UK, it’s important that CSR doesn’t get left behind! We take on the responsibility of connecting these employees with their local community on behalf of businesses.

Matt Oddy, Co-founder:

“Although at Helping high we’re still only early in our business growth journey, our commitment to the 10 GBC components is something we want to stand-by from day one! Becoming accredited with the Good Business Charter (GBC) and joining a plethora of institutions who are also taking responsible business practices seriously is an honour. For too long, responsible business behaviour has been a corporate sales pitch with many businesses noting the responsible demand from consumers yet fundamentally not practicing what they preach. With limited social and responsible regulation in place at the current time, the GBC is exactly the initiative that society requires to resolve this issue. Measuring 10 simple components, each with a standard that you either do or don’t comply with, the charter enables the empowerment of consumers to truly recognise businesses that are applying responsible behaviours. We look forward to working alongside all other GBC accredited members and helping the initiative grow to change business practices for good.”