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GBC Ambassadors

GBC Ambassadors

This page sets out the volunteer role of GBC Ambassador – if you are interested in applying please see the application form below. If you have any questions about this role, please contact Sam Agnew by emailing

Role Purpose 

We are growing a team of Voluntary GBC Ambassadors to help us to encourage responsible business behaviour and showcase GBC-accredited organisations as great places to work and shop.  

Ambassador Specification  

GBC Ambassadors are representatives from GBC-accredited organisations that have embedded the ten components within their organisation and are passionate about championing responsible business behaviour.   

Role Activities  

There is no minimum time commitment. The activities you support us with will depend on your preferences, your availability and local opportunities that arise.  

Possible activities  

  • Represent the GBC at partner events and conferences 
  • Speak about the GBC at events you already attend 
  • Host roundtables aimed at helping organisations overcome challenges related to our 10 components 
  • Feature in local media articles 
  • Feature in blogs and case studies 
  • Make us aware of local potential opportunities   

To apply please complete this short application form.

Volunteer Agreement

As part of becoming a GBC Ambassador you will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement which sets out the following commitments from the GBC and responsibilities of the Ambassador:

The GBC commits to: 

  • Equip you with the resources you need to represent the GBC in online and in-person events  
  • Support you in your role via group information sessions and individual support from the GBC team
  • Keep you updated with any changes to the accreditation scheme or any news in relation to changes in our accredited organisations
  • If asked by the GBC team specifically to attend an event on their behalf, out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed 

As a GBC Ambassador, I will commit to: 

  • Present the information about the GBC accurately and with enthusiasm
  • Speak positively about the GBC, its accredited organisations and all 10 components
  • Be able to share a range of examples to show how the Good Business Charter works for different sectors
  • Refer any national media enquiries to the GBC team (understanding I can represent the GBC locally to journalists as part of my role)
  • Let the GBC team know about the events I am representing them at 
  • Attend speaking engagements I have committed to unless unwell or an exceptional circumstance arises, and in these cases, let the host of the event know I am unable to attend as well as contact
  • Renew my GBC accreditation each year on time