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What we expect

Fairer Hours and Contracts

2 Fairer hours and contracts – what we expect

What we expect

For organisations with 51+ employees:

  • Do you offer or use zero or minimal hours contracts for directly employed or regularly contracted staff*?
    * with the exception where flexibility is part of the role and freely accepted by the employee

If the answer is no, continue to the next component. If the answer is yes, the below questions are asked:

  • Do you commit to a fair approach to hours and contracts with respect to zero or minimal hours contracts?
  • Do you currently give at least two weeks’ notice for scheduling of shifts and ensure there is no penalty for an employee who declines a shift added at short notice?
  • Do you currently still pay a shift if cancelled at less than two weeks’ notice?
  • Do you allow an employee to request a contract with more fixed hours at any time without consequences?
  • Do you commit going forwards to review actual hours worked annually and initiate a supportive conversation with the employee with a view to providing a contract at or close to the hours actually being worked as soon as able?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, the question is followed up by:

  • Do you commit going forwards to do so?

For organisations with less than 50 employees (streamlined version):

  •  Do you only offer or use zero or minimal hours contracts when it is mutually beneficial and accepted by both you and the employee?

Evidence base – why is the Fairer hours and contracts component needed?

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