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What we expect

Environmental Responsibility

6 Environmental responsibility – what we expect

What we expect

For organisations with 51+ employees:

  • Are you committed to identifying your organisation’s main direct and indirect environmental issues and minimising any potential negative impact by continually striving to improve environmental performance?
  • Do you comply with, and where possible exceed, all environmental legislation that relates to the organisation?
  • Do you set clear environmental objectives relevant to your organisation, including your organisation’s approach to meeting the target of achieving net zero by 2050, and identify performance targets, which you monitor and review?
  • Do you encourage the development of good environmental practice by your employees, suppliers and customers?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, the question is followed up by:

  • Do you commit going forwards to do so?

For organisations with less than 50 employees (streamlined version):

  • Do you encourage the development of good environmental and net zero practice as an organisation and by your employees, suppliers and customers, seeking to minimise your impact and commit to improve it, depending on the size, sector and relevance of your organisation?

Evidence base – why is the Environmental Responsibility component needed?

Home | Net Zero Now
Net Zero Now help to measure, reduce and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions. See their video below on why you should go Net Zero.

To see resources on how to commit to our components, see our Resource Library here:

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